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And similar to dating sites, users can pay a month for a pro account which distinguishes pro them from the crowd.The average time to find a co-founder is one to two months, Kaviani estimates.Sometimes you have a legit company but need a technical cofounder.Sometimes you have a legit product but need a business guy to make it into a company.Not being 50/50 doesn’t mean you don’t both have major stakes in the game.Generally, the founders are looking for advisors that have specific expertise that they lack – could be hardware manufacturing or growth or technical leadership.The largest chunk of Co Founders Lab's users are looking for someone to join their idea.

We recommend that you work with someone on a “side project” before taking the leap of quitting your job to start a business with them.

The following discussion is based on my notes from our interview and don’t represent Jessica’s exact words.

Click Here to get our FREE Google advertising guide and discover the 6 steps you can use to show up #1 in Google search Starting a business is one of the emotionally toughest events a person will ever experience.

For a consumer-facing app, this would be considered a failure. VC's estimate anywhere from 2000 to 5000 startups are founded each year.

Co Founders Lab founder Shahab Kaviani says he estimates the app has made several hundred successful matches.

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